Now, O my soul, forget no more

Now, O my soul, forget no more
the friend who all your misery bore;
let every idol be forgot,
but, O my soul, forget him not.

2. Jesus for you a body takes,
your guilt he bears, your fetters breaks,
discharging all your dreadful debt;
and can you now such love forget?

3. Renounce your works and ways with grief,
and run to this most sure relief;
forget not him who left his throne,
and for your life laid down his own.

4. Infinite truth and mercy shine
in him, whose word is, ‘You are mine’:
and can you, then, with sin beset,
such grace, such matchless grace, forget?

5. Ah! no; till life itself depart
his name will cheer and warm my heart;
and singing this, from earth I’ll rise
to join the chorus of the skies.

6. And when at last all things expire
and perish in the general fire,
this name all others shall survive,
and through eternity shall live.

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