Leeson, Jane Elizabeth (Eliza)


b London 1809, d Leamington, Warwicks 1881 (Julian New Suppt gave 1807–1882). She lived in London and is known for writing several books of hymns, mainly for children. At some point she left the Catholic Apostolic [Irvingite] Church, whose 1864 hymn-book featured 5 of her hymns and 4 translations, and embraced Roman Catholicism. Her books between 1842 and 1853 include Infant Hymnings, Hymns and Scenes of Childhood, The Child’s Book of Ballads, Songs of Christian Chivalry, and Paraphrases and Hymns for Congregational Singing. Some of her verse was translated from Lat; she acknowledged the help of ‘a friend’ for ‘the best of the poems’, but claimed some other writings as direct promptings or ‘prophetic utterances’ from the Holy Spirit. No.902.

Hymns and songs by Leeson, Jane Elizabeth (Eliza)

Number Hymn Name
902 Loving Shepherd of your sheep