You I will love, my strength, my tower

You I will love, my strength, my tower,
O Lord my hope, my joy, my crown:
you I will love with all my power
in all your works, and you alone;
you I will love until your fire
fills all my soul with pure desire.

2. In darkness willingly I strayed;
I sought you, yet from you I roved;
far wide my wandering thoughts were spread,
your creatures more than you I loved:
and if at last I see your light,
you are the one who gave me sight.

3. I thank you, uncreated Sun,
that your bright beams on me have shined,
and that your hand has overthrown
my foes, and healed my wounded mind.
I thank you, whose enlivening voice
bids my freed heart in you rejoice.

4. Support me in the strenuous race
and do not let my footsteps stray;
strengthen my feet with steady pace
still to press forward on their way;
my soul and flesh, with all their might,
transfigure with your heavenly light.

5. You I will love, my joy, my crown;
you I will love, my Lord, my God;
you I will love, beneath your frown
or smile, your sceptre or your rod;
what though my flesh and heart decay?
You I will love in endless day!

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