Gustafson, Gerrit

Author & Composer

b USA. A church-planting pastor-teacher from c1970, he joined the Creative Team of Integrity Worship in 1985, which involved him in a world-wide musical and teaching ministry. Later he pioneered his own organisation ‘Wholehearted Worship’, from which he leads One-Day Worship Schools and continues to produce songs, songbooks and recordings. His best-known song was a ‘Spring Harvest’ favourite in the 1990s; also included in 2 Jubilate books. He has also written The Adventure of Worship, and currently lives nr Nashville, Tennessee. No.785.

Hymns and songs by Gustafson, Gerrit

Number Hymn Name
785 Only by grace can we enter

Tunes and arrangements by Gustafson, Gerrit

Tune Name
Only by grace