This is the man who runs with God

This is the man who runs with God!
Who aims where such forerunners trod?
He sets the pace, he wins the crown;
he spends his life, he lays it down.

2. This is the place where he is known;
in China born, at Eltham grown,
the Scotland star who will not fade,
who loves the day the Lord has made.

3. This is the day, the first and best,
of praise and prayer and Sabbath rest;
for Christ is risen, Christ is ours
for heart and mind and all our powers.

4. These are the feet that bring good news;
when Christ commands, who dares refuse?
For us he came, for us he died;
be strong; the Lord is on our side!

5. This is the cost, the body’s breath
to love, to laugh, through war and death;
by blood and tears the track is hard,
but untold joy is Christ’s reward.

6. This is the goal, the end of pain;
to live is Christ, to die is gain!
praise God for all whose race is won
and each new life in Christ begun.


SCRIPTURES: EXODUS 20:8–11; PSALM 118:6,24; ISAIAH 52:7;
ROM 14:8–9; 1 COR 9:22–27; PHIL 1:21; 2 TIM 4:7–8; HEB 12:1–2

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