Lift up your heads, you mighty gates

Lift up your heads, you mighty gates,
behold, the King of glory waits!
The King of kings is drawing near,
the Saviour of the world is here!
Salvation, life he comes to bring;
prepare your hearts, rejoice and sing.

2. The Lord is just, a helper tried:
mercy is ever at his side,
his kingly crown is holiness,
his sceptre, pity in distress;
the end of all our woe he brings,
and all the earth is glad and sings.

3. How blessed the land, the city blessed,
where Christ the ruler is confessed!
O happy hearts and happy homes
to whom this King in triumph comes!
The cloudless sun of joy he is
who brings us pure delight and bliss.

4. Fling wide the entrance to your heart;
make it a temple set apart
from earthly use, for heaven’s employ,
adorned with prayer and love and joy;
so shall your sovereign enter in
and new and nobler life begin.

5. Redeemer, come! we open wide
our hearts to you; here, Lord, abide;
your inner presence let us feel,
your grace and love in us reveal;
your Holy Spirit guide us on
until the glorious goal is won.

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