In the hour of trial

In the hour of trial,
Jesus, pray for me,
lest by base denial
I should traitor be;
when you see me waver,
with a look recall,
nor, for fear or favour,
ever let me fall.

2. With bewitching pleasures
would this vain world charm,
or its sordid treasures
spread to work me harm;
bring then to remembrance
sad Gethsemane,
or, in darker semblance,
cross-crowned Calvary.

3. Should your mercy send me
sorrow, toil and woe,
or should pain attend me
on my path below;
grant that I may never
miss your purpose there;
grant that I may ever
cast on you my care.

4. If with fierce affliction
you in love chastise,
pour your benediction
on the sacrifice;
then, upon your altar
freely offered up,
though the flesh may falter,
faith shall drink the cup.

5. When in death declining
to the grave I sink,
heaven’s glory shining
bright upon the brink,
on your truth relying
through that mortal strife,
Lord, receive me dying
to eternal life.

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