We come, O Christ, to you

We come, O Christ, to you,
true Son of God and man,
by whom all things consist,
in whom all life began:
in you alone we live and move,
and have our being in your love.

2. You are the way to God,
your blood our ransom paid;
in you we face our judge
and maker unafraid.
Before the throne absolved we stand:
your love has met your law’s demand.

3. You are the living truth,
all wisdom dwells in you,
the source of every skill,
the one eternal True!
O great I AM! in you we rest,
sure answer to our every quest.

4. You only are true life-
to know you is to live
the more abundant life
that earth can never give.
O risen Lord we live in you:
in us each day your life renew!

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