Gabriel, Charles Hutchinson

Author & Composer

b Wilton, Iowa, USA 1856, d Los Angeles, California 1932. He spent his first 17 years working on the family farm, but also writing verse and teaching himself to play the newly-acquired small reed organ at home. By the time he was 16 he was teaching others too. In 1890 he became Music Director of Grace Methodist Episcopal Ch, San Francisco, then moving to Chicago. During these years he published many books including several song collections. In 1912 he began work with the new Homer Rodeheaver Publications, where he stayed for the remaining 20 years of his life. His most famous composition was ‘the Glory Song’: When all my labours and trials are o’er. Published in 1900, this was associated with the gospel singer Charles M Alexander who sang it to vast meetings in the USA in the early 20th c. In The Baptist Hymnal (for the American Southern Baptists, 1991) there are 6 hymns by Gabriel (text and tune) and 4 more of his tunes to other hymns. He also published under the name ‘Charlotte G Homer’. No.729.

Hymns and songs by Gabriel, Charles Hutchinson

Number Hymn Name
729 I stand amazed in the presence

Tunes and arrangements by Gabriel, Charles Hutchinson

Tune Name
My Saviour’s love