Blessed are the humble souls we see

Blessed are the humble souls who see
their emptiness and poverty;
treasures of grace to them are given:
the kingdom of their God in heaven.

2. Blessed are the mourners, grieved in heart
that inward sin will not depart;
the blood of Christ for cleansing flows,
a comfort for their deepest woes.

3. Blessed are the meek, whose gentle strength
will bring them great rewards at length;
for God who gave them second birth
shall make them heirs of all the earth.

4. Blessed are the souls who in distress
hunger and thirst for righteousness;
they shall be satisfied, and fed
with living streams and heaven’s bread.

5. Blessed are the merciful, whose love
flows only from its source above;
forgiving are they, gentle, kind-
mercy they show, and mercy find.

6. Blessed are the pure in heart, and clean
from the defiling powers of sin;
with what delight their eyes will see
their God, for all eternity!

7. Blessed are all those who, making peace,
make hatred, wrong and warfare cease;
they bear one likeness, chosen ones,
and they shall all be called God’s sons.

8. Blessed, all who of great shame partake
for righteousness, for Jesus’ sake;
all joy they know, all grace is given;
theirs is the kingdom, theirs is heaven.

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