With wonder see the bridegroom so committed

With wonder see the bridegroom so committed,
who loves his church, and gave himself for her,
that she might stand in heaven’s court acquitted,
presented to him—his for evermore;
without a stain—in spotless clothing fitted,
without a wrinkle—holy, blameless, pure.

2. With wonder see the bride so undeserving;
come view with awe a dowry price so high.
The Prince of heaven comes with love unswerving
to seek his bride, and in her place to die.
Not to be served, but his own Father serving,
he gives his life, a ransom from on high.

3. With wonder see the wedding feast before us;
with eyes of faith, the end of time perceive.
Christ and his church at last in union glorious,
no more apart, with no more cause to grieve.
The conqueror King, in triumph now victorious
will glory, praise, and honour then receive.

4. So may his love, all human love transcending,
inspire us all to love each other more;
that we might live upon his grace depending,
and thirst for him, and strive to keep his law.
Until we reach this weary journey’s ending,
and rest on him, our love, for evermore.

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