Paget, Catesby


b ?England 1868, d 1930. Coming from a family including both ecclesiastical and military traditions featured in Burke’s Peerage, this one of several historic Catesby’s belonged to those then known as the Plymouth Brethren. Little has been discovered about his life, but he engaged in published controversy in response to (mainly Anglican) contemporaries including Lord Shaftesbury and Bp Ryle, often in booklet or pamphlet form. A handful of evangelical and Pentecostal hymn-books include the one remarkable hymn for which he is known. It appears in the 1890 Golden Bells; indications are that the writer was at home with the pietist (or ‘Keswick’) tradition. No.713.

Hymns and songs by Paget, Catesby

Number Hymn Name
713 A mind at perfect peace with God