I saw a new vision of Jesus

I saw a new vision of Jesus,
a view I’d not seen here before,
beholding in glory so wondrous
with beauty I had to adore.
I stood on the shores of my weakness,
and gazed at the brink of such fear;
’twas then that I saw him in newness,
regarding him fair and so dear.

2. My Saviour will never forsake me,
unveiling his merciful face,
his presence and promise almighty
redeeming his loved ones by grace.
In shades of the valley’s dark terror,
where hell and its horror hold sway,
my Jesus will reach out in power,
and save me by his only way.

3. For yonder a light shines eternal,
which spreads through the valley of gloom;
Lord Jesus, resplendent and regal,
drives fear far away from the tomb.
Our God is the end of the journey,
his pleasant and glorious domain;
for there are the children of mercy,
who praise him for Calvary’s pain.

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