Christian, do you see them

Christian, do you see them
on the holy ground,
how the powers of darkness
circle you around?
Christian, up and fight them,
counting gain but loss;
for your mighty Saviour
triumphed on the cross.

2. Christian, do you feel them
how they work within,
striving, tempting, luring,
goading you to sin?
Christian, never tremble,
never be downcast;
arm yourself for conflict,
watch and pray and fast.

3. Christian, do you hear them
speak with voices fair:
‘Why this weary vigil?
Why this fast and prayer?’
Christian, answer boldly,
‘While I breathe, I pray.’
Peace shall follow battle,
night shall end in day.

4. ‘Well I know your trouble,
O my servant true;
you are very weary-
I was weary too:
but that toil shall prove you
some day mine alone,
and the end of sorrow
shall be near my throne.’

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