O Christ of all the ages, come!

O Christ of all the ages, come!
We fear to journey on our own;
without you near we cannot face
the future months, the years unknown.

2. Afflicted, tempted, tried like us,
you match our moments of despair;
with us you watch the desert hours
and in our sorrows you are there.

3. O Saviour, fastened to a cross
by tearing nails-our selfish ways;
the grieving, caring Lord of love,
you bear the sins of all our days.

4. Triumphant from the grave you rise-
the morning breaks upon our sight;
and with its dawning, future years
will shine with your unending light.

5. O Christ of all the ages, come!
The days and months and years go by:
accept our praise, redeem our lives-
our strength for all eternity!

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