I could not do without you

I could not do without you,
O Saviour of the lost,
whose precious blood redeemed me
at such tremendous cost;
your righteousness, your pardon,
your precious blood must be
my only hope and comfort,
my glory and my plea.

2. I could not do without you,
I cannot stand alone,
I have no strength or goodness,
no wisdom of my own;
but you, beloved Saviour,
are with me hour by hour,
and as I lean upon you
my weakness will be power.

3. I could not do without you:
no other friend can read
my spirit’s strange, deep longings,
interpreting its need;
no other heart could enter
each dim recess of mine,
and soothe and hush and calm it
but, Lord, your heart divine.

4. I could not do without you:
the years are flying fast,
and soon in solemn loneness
death’s river must be passed;
but you will never leave me,
and though the waves roll high,
I know you will be near me
and whisper, ‘It is I.’

Copyright: © In this version Praise Trust

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