Where shall my wondering soul begin

Where shall my wondering soul begin?
How shall I all to heaven aspire?
A slave redeemed from death and sin,
a brand plucked from eternal fire,
how shall I worthy triumphs raise,
or sing my great deliverer’s praise?

2. O, how shall I the goodness tell,
Father, which here to me you showed?
That I, a child of wrath and hell,
I should be called a child of God!
should know, should feel, my sins forgiven,
blessed with this foretaste of your heaven!

3. And shall I slight my Father’s love
or basely fear his gifts to own?
unmindful of his favours prove?
shall I, the hallowed cross to shun,
refuse his righteousness to impart
by hiding it within my heart?

4. No, though the ancient dragon rage
and call forth all his hosts to war,
though earth’s self-righteous sons engage,
them and their god alike I dare;
Jesus, the sinners’ friend, proclaim,
Jesus, to sinners still the same.

5. For us the blood, the mercy flowed
in pardon from his wounded side;
he died for us, the eternal God,
for us the Prince of glory died!
Believe, and all your sin’s forgiven;
only believe, and yours is heaven!

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