Let not your hearts be troubled

Let not your hearts be troubled,
you who believe in him;
let not your faith be shaken,
nor your hope burn dim.
Look to your risen Saviour,
God’s ever-living Word!
Soon from the throne of heaven
comes our conquering Lord!

2. Man cannot thwart his purpose,
war cannot change his will;
far through the clouds of conflict
shines God’s rainbow still.
Faithful is he who promised
earth shall not always groan:
after the dark of midnight
dawn shall claim his own.

3. Sin shall not always triumph,
right shall at length prevail:
God holds the reins of empire-
his truth cannot fail.
Nation at war with nation
strives to subdue in vain:
Jesus alone is victor-
he alone shall reign.

4. Daily his hour is nearing,
hour of redemption’s morn;
ours is the holy promise
God himself has sworn.
Christ in his advent glory
waits on horizon’s rim:
let not your hearts be troubled-
you believe in him!

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