Great Father of glory, how rich is your grace

Great father of glory, how rich is your grace,
what wonderful love is displayed in your face!
In Jesus your visible image we view,
and hope to be made in his likeness anew.

2. In Jesus we’re chosen, we’re washed in his blood;
our sins all forgiven, at peace with our God!
And more, we’re adopted; God’s sons we appear,
and led by the Spirit we boldly draw near.

3. The world knows us not, but in this we rejoice,
to God we’re not strangers, but sons of his choice;
his love from eternity gave us a home,
where now we are longing in safety to come.

4. To seal our adoption God sent from on high
his Spirit, through whom, ‘Abba, Father,’ we cry;
and yet, with creation, we wait eagerly
for final adoption and bodies set free.

5. All praise to our Saviour, who paid the great price,
he calls us his brothers, we’re co-heirs with Christ!
We’re sons of the Father, he calls us his own,
and what we shall be has not yet been made known.

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