Jesus, be first in everything

Jesus, be first in everything,
our Saviour, risen Lord!
Jesus, the One alone supreme,
be everywhere adored.

2. Jesus, the One for whom was made
the universe so vast;
God’s mighty power lives in you,
O Christ, the first and last.

3. Head of the church, you died for us-
your precious blood was shed;
Jesus, through you we come to God,
O firstborn from the dead.

4. Jesus, you break the barriers down,
O reconciling King.
You have the right to wear the crown,
supreme in everything.

5. Jesus, be first in word and deed-
in thought and motive too;
fulfil your purpose in our hearts,
creating all things new.

6. Jesus, the glorious day will come
when every knee shall bow.
Help us to bring your kingdom near
by telling others now.

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