Maries, Andrew

Author & Composer

(in Praise! Composers’ index only), b Totton, Southampton 1949. Totton Grammar Sch, York Univ (BA, ARCM). A Music Director who in the 1970s and early 80s served as one of the creative and influential team with David C K Watson (1933-84) at the church of St Michael-le-Belfrey, York. More recently he has worked with the Keynote Trust as a music consultant and then Director; he has a similar role with the RSCM and is Consultant for Worship and Music in the Exeter Diocese of the CofE. In music education, workshops, conferences, publishing etc he has collaborated with David Peacock and Michael Perry (both qv) among others, including his input to the Music in Worship Foundation. He wrote Using the Bible in Worship (Bible Society, 1982) and One Heart, One Voice (1985) and compiled the recent handbook Making Music Work in Worship. As well as his widely-adopted arrangement of Janet Lunt’s communion song Broken for me>/b>, he is known mainly as a composer; one of his best-known tunes is in HTC, Church Family Worship (1988, with one other) etc; 3 are in Sing Glory and 2 in the 2004 CH, all of them also featuring in several other books.
In 2009 he wrote: ‘Music is a language which communicates on a deep and often subliminal level, with a unique ability to trigger powerful emotions and convey significant messages. This is why it can be such an emotive element within church life and worship…. We are surrounded by a music-obsessed society where many define themselves by identifying with particular musical genres as part of fashion and life-style choices. If we have a desire to reach out to this society then we in the Church will need to become much more aware of the musical messages that we are communicating about ourselves, whenever and however we use music’ (‘Mission-Shaped Music’, Church Music Quarterly June 2009).
Andrew Maries lives at Cullompton, Devon. Text no.891*. Tunes 140=436, 323=843, 523, 647=841.

Hymns and songs by Maries, Andrew

Number Hymn Name
891 We are marching in the light of God

Tunes and arrangements by Maries, Andrew

Tune Name
Faithful Love
Selfless Love
Selfless Love
Spirit Of Faith