Richards, Noel

Author & Composer

b 1955. Brought up in Llantrisant nr Cardiff, where he attended the Pentecostal church. He became a believer as a child, making a re-commitment at the age of 15. At that time, around 1971, the new young guitar-playing minister John Glass encouraged him to play and sing in public. On leaving school he worked for 3 years in a drawing office but did not find this exciting enough; a period as a supermarket sales asst followed. But he was increasingly involved in schools evangelism, and was finally offered a full-time job with Youth for Christ. He spent a year ‘on the road’ learning fast and encouraged by Clive Calver; his songs were mainly evangelistic, and in 1979 the first of them was published. Since 1986 he has recorded several song albums; see also the following entry. Nos.477, 626, 743, 786.

Hymns and songs by Richards, Noel

Number Hymn Name
477 All heaven declares
743 You laid aside your majesty

Tunes and arrangements by Richards, Noel

Tune Name
All heaven declares
You laid aside your majesty