The Lord made man, the scriptures tell

The Lord made man, the scriptures tell,
to bear his image and his sign;
yet we by nature share as well
the ancient mark of Adam’s line.

2. In Adam’s fall falls every man,
with every gift the Father gave:
the crown of all creation’s plan
becomes a rebel and a slave.

3. Herein all woes are brought to birth,
all aching hearts and sunless skies:
brightness is gone from all the earth,
the innocence of nature dies.

4. Yet Adam’s children, born to pain,
by self enslaved, by sin enticed,
still may by grace be born again,
children of God, beloved in Christ.

5. In Christ is Adam’s ransom met,
earth, by his cross, is holy ground;
Eden indeed is with us yet;
in Christ are life and freedom found!

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