A sovereign protector I have

A sovereign protector I have,
unseen, yet for ever at hand,
unchangeably faithful to save,
almighty to rule and command.
He smiles, and my comforts abound;
his grace as the dew shall descend,
and walls of salvation surround
the soul he delights to defend.

2. Inspirer and hearer of prayer,
both leading and guarding your sheep,
I place in your covenant care
my life, both awake and asleep;
if you are my shield and my sun
the night is no darkness to me,
for, fast as my moments roll on,
so nearer to you I shall be.

3. Creator and ground of my hope,
to your name alone I shall bow,
a new ‘Ebenezer’ set up
to show ‘God has helped us till now.’
I think on the years that are past,
when all my defence you have proved;
nor will you relinquish at last
a sinner so blessed and so loved.

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