Lord, in your hand is every life

Lord, in your hand is every life,
our heartbeat, senses, blood and breath;
our bodies and our minds you know,
our day of birth, our day of death.

2. For all who near the end of life
and those who serve and care for them,
to you we pray, in love draw near,
as once you neared Jerusalem.

3. For all who dread the end of life,
your word is, ‘Do not be afraid’;
we pray for them to turn and trust,
have sins forgiven, fears allayed.

4. For all who crave the end of life,
when pain or grief are all they find,
we pray for them the gift of hope,
release in calm and peace of mind.

5. For all who face the end of life
with steadfast confidence in you,
we give you thanks, our risen Lord;
grant us such faith and comfort too.

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