The Son of God rides out to war

The son of God rides out to war
the ancient foe to slay;
his blood-red banner streams afar-
who follows him today?
Who bears his cross? Who shares his grief?
Who walks his narrow way?
Who faces rampant unbelief?
Who follows him today?

2. The martyr Stephen’s eagle eye
could pierce beyond the grave;
he saw his master in the sky
and called on him to save.
By zealots he was stoned to death
and, as he knelt to pray,
he blessed them with his final breath-
who follows him today?

3. The valiant twelve, the chosen few,
on them the Spirit fell;
and faithful to the Lord they knew
they faced the hosts of hell.
They died beneath the brandished steel,
became the tyrant’s prey,
yet did not flinch at their ordeal-
who follows them today?

4. A noble army-young and old-
from every nation came;
some weak and frail, some strong and bold,
to win the martyr’s fame.
Eternal joy to all is given
who trust you and obey:
O give us strength, great God of heaven,
to follow them today!

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