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NumberNo Name Author Composer
816Wake up, O sleeper, and rise from the deadGraham Kendrick Kendrick, Graham Andrew
821Walk in the light, and you shall knowBernard Barton 1784-1849 Terry, Richard Runciman
630We all are one in missionRusty Edwards Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
200We are here to praise youGraham Kendrick Kendrick, Graham Andrew
891We are marching in the light of GodOriginal Xhosa Text and…African melody
631We believe in God AlmightyAndrew King Smart, Henry Thomas
659We come as guests invitedTimothy Dudley-Smith Hassler, Hans Johann Leo
578We come before our Fathers’ GodThomas H Gill 1819-1906 Barnby, Joseph
1096We come to you, our gracious, holy KingEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
1047We come with reverence and respectColin Harris Warren, Norman Leonard
720We come, O Christ, to youMargaret Clarkson 1915…Lee, James Vernon
201We declare your majestyMalcolm Du Plessis
947We give God thanks for those who knewMichael Perry 1942-96 Webbe, Samuel W
164We give immortal praiseIsaac Watts (1674-1748) Steggall, Charles
632We have a Gospel to proclaimEdward Burns Sacred Melodies
44We have heard of your deeds, Lord, in days that are pastGordon Booth A Greek Air
832We have not known you as we oughtThomas B Pollock 1836-96 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus…
591We need each other’s voice to singThomas H Troeger From New…Barnard, John
1133We pledge to one anotherJill Jenkins Holst, Gustavus Theodore…
919We plough the fields, and scatterJane M Campbell…Schultz, Johann Abraham…
707We praise the God in whom we trustRichard Simpkin Simpkin, Richard Benjamin
1197We pray for those among us who are grievingMartin E Leckebusch Barnby, Joseph
1094We sing of fruitful harvestsGraham Oakes Mayor, Roger
447We sing the praise of him who diedThomas Kelly 1769-1855 Harrison, Ralph
769We trust in you, our shield and our defenderEdith G Cherry 1872-97 Sibelius, Jean (Johan…
1039We trust the strength of God aloneColin Harris Dykes, John Bacchus
406We were not there to see you comeJohn H Gurney 1802-62 and…Stainer, John
1180We who know the Lord is graciousCyril Argentine…Taylor, Cyril Vincent
1122We, we are God’s peoplePhilip Percival Percival, Philip
475Welcome, happy morning! Age to age shall sayVenantius Fortunatus…Sullivan, Arthur Seymour
CP63Welcome, welcome Jesus’ birthPhil Moore & Tim…
1309Were I to cross from land to landGreg De Blieck De Blieck, Greg
448Were you there when they crucified my Lord?North American Folk Hymn North American Folk Hymn
614What a friend we have in JesusJoseph M Scriven 1819-86 Converse, Charles Crozat
696What Adam’s disobedience costFred Pratt Green Clarke, Jeremiah
73What blessings God bestowsTimothy Dudley-Smith Price, Thomas (Tom)
1074What can compare to this?Simon Sadler Berry, Gillian Patricia
818What does the Lord requireAlbert F Bayly 1901-84…Routley, Erik Reginald
1275What gift of grace is Jesus, my RedeemerMichael Farren, Jonny…Michael Farren, Jonny…
1050What if the One who shapes the starsDavid Mowbray Mawson, Linda
1315What is our hope in life and death?KEITH GETTY, MATT…
1221What joy it is to see our childrens’ childrenChristopher Idle Mawson, Linda
1181What joy, when all the talkChristopher Idle Norton, Christopher
CP64What kind of greatness can this beGRAHAM KENDRICK
384What kind of greatness can this beGraham Kendrick Kendrick, Graham Andrew
1297What kind of king?Matt Osgood Osgood, Matt
449What kind of love is thisBryn Haworth Sally…Haworth, Bryn
CP65What kind of throne is a manger of hayJoel Payne
1263What love could remember no wrongs we have doneMatt Boswell & Matt…
1317What love, my God, would bring you down to earthJONNY ROBINSON, MICHAEL…Jonny Robinson
709What offering shall we giveVerse 1 Hymns for…Bach, Johann Sebastian
615What various hindrances we meetWilliam Cowper 1731-1800 Vincent, Charles John
819Whatever things are lovelyChristopher Idle Mayor, Roger
263When all your mercies, O my GodJoseph Addison 1672-1719 Ouseley, Frederick Arthur…
1292When anxious storms within us rageBen Slee Slee, Ben
1167When anxious thoughts assail my mindMartin Leckebusch Lee, David
133BWhen brothers are togetherBev Savage Mawson, Linda
771When circumstances make my lifeMartin E Leckebusch Tozer, Augustus Edmond(s)
1035When clouds block out the way to GodStephen Crowter Herrington, C Paul
858When God begins a workMichael Haighton Amps, William
1149When he comes again in splendourColin Harris Zundel, John
1219When I fear my faith will failOriginal words by Ada…
453When I survey the wondrous crossIsaac Watts 1674-1748 Miller, Edward
114When Israel fled from EgyptChristopher Idle Preston, David George
639When Jesus died upon the crossPeter Misselbrook Griffiths, Thomas Vernon
392When Jesus led his chosen threeChristopher Idle Monk, William Henry
37When lawless people thriveChristopher Idle Hayne, Leighton George
217When morning gilds the skiesGerman 19th…Barnby, Joseph
1138When numbers are against usChristopher Idle Maries, Andrew
804When peace, like a river, attends all my wayHoratio G Spafford…Bliss, Philip P(aul)
1131aWhen sorrow overwhelms our heartsFiona Lloyd Lloyd, Fiona
1131When sorrow overwhelms our heartsFiona Lloyd Berry, Gillian Patricia
514When the King shall come againChristopher Idle German Traditional melody
516When the Lord in glory comesTimothy Dudley-Smith Baughen, Michael Alfred
1082When the waters cover meMichael Perry Berry, Gillian Patricia
85When this land knew God’s gracious love outpouredChristopher Idle Baughen, Michael Alfred
973When this passing world is doneRobert M M’Cheyne…Mawson, Linda
939When to our world the Saviour cameTimothy Dudley-Smith Oakeley, Herbert Stanley
1191When trials comeKeith Getty and Kristyn…Keith and Kristyn Getty
60When troubles come and hopes departTimothy Dudley-Smith Clarke, Jeremiah
853When we walk with the LordJohn H Sammis 1846-1919 Towner, Daniel Brink
1061When worries blur our visionSiân Cook Cook, Siân
450When you prayed beneath the treesChristopher Idle Iona Community
1058When you secured our freedom, LordEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
CP66When you think what you were toldEmma Turl
1216When you think what you were toldEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
963When you, my righteous judge, shall comeLady Huntingdon’s…Preston, David George
1246Where he reigns in holy lightEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
501Where high the heavenly temple standsMichael Bruce 1746-67 Zeuner, (Charles)…
1040Where is Elijah’s God?Colin Harris Elvey, George Job
751Where shall my wondering soul beginCharles Wesley 1707-88 Berry, Gillian Patricia
1038Where you sit in kingly gloryEmma Turl Mawson, Linda
CP67While shepherds watched their flocks by nightNAHUM TATE (1652–1715)
379While shepherds watched their flocks by nightNahum Tate 1652-1715 Este’s Psalter…
660While the bread is yet unbrokenJohn Thomas Norwood…Pearce, Frederick C P
451Who believes what we have heardChristopher Idle Wilson, David Gordon
213Who can bind the raging seaMichael Perry Ninnis, Peter James
340Who can cheer the heart like JesusThoro Harris 1874-1955 Composer unknown
955Who can sound the depths of sorrowGraham Kendrick Kendrick, Graham Andrew
1192Who has held the oceans in his hands?Jonathan Baird, Meghan…Jonathan Baird, Meghan…
1036Who has planned the journey?Susie Hare Hare, Susie
854Who is on the Lord’s sideFrances R Havergal…Roberts, Caradog
739Who is there like youPaul Oakley Oakley, Paul
CP69Who is this baby?Linda Mawson
1126Who is this baby?Gill Berry Berry, Gillian Patricia
5012Who is this baby?Linda Mawson
CP68Who is this baby? What is his name?Gill Berry
820Who may ascend the hill of the LordGeoff Baker Baker, Geoff
957Who sees it all, before whose gazeGraham Kendrick Kendrick, Graham Andrew
1027Who, for my sakeSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1010Whom have I in heaven but you?Carolyn Lacey Lacey Carolyn
790Why all my fear and unbeliefAugustus M Toplady…Isaac or Isaak, Heinrich
740Why did you choose me-what have I doneStephanie Monaghan Monaghan, Stephanie
2AWhy do all the nations rageDavid G Preston Mawson, Linda
2BWhy do the nations rage and cryJim Sayers Simpkin, Richard Benjamin
791Why should I fear the darkest hourJohn Newton 1725-1807 Vulpius (Fuchs), Melchior
22Why, God, have you forsaken meBrian Foley 1919-2000 Jones, Griffith Hugh
52Why, mighty hero, must you boastDavid G Preston Gay, Annabeth McClelland
525Wind of God, dynamic SpiritMichael Saward Wilson, David Gordon
388Wise men, they came to look for wisdomChristopher Idle Neumark, Georg Christian
1255With a prayer you fed the hungryStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
119BWith all my heart I seekDavid Mowbray Taylor, Cyril Vincent
45With hearts in love aboundingHarriet Auber…Webb, George James
867With joy I welcome, Lord, your rightPhilip Doddridge 1702-51 Wigglesworth, Edwin
505With joy we contemplate the graceIsaac Watts 1674-1748 Composer unknown
1226With Mary let my soul rejoiceDavid Mowbray Moger, Peter
661With this bread we will remember himGeoff Baker Baker, Geoff
1160With wonder see the bridegroom so committedPhil Heaps Lee, David
770Within the busy rush of lifeMartin E Leckebusch Lancaster, Joseph
752Wonderful grace that gives what I don’t deserveJohn Pantry Pantry, John
CP70Word of the Father everlastingDavid Mowbray
499Worthy is the LambDavid Hadden Hadden, David John