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NumberNo Name Author Composer
277O bless the God of IsraelMichael Perry 1942-96 Meiningen Gesangbuch…
189O bless the Lord, my soul!Isaac Watts (1674-1748) Malan, Henri Abraham…
541O breath of life, come sweeping through usElizabeth A P Head…Hammond, Mary Jane
402O changeless Christ, for ever newTimothy Dudley-Smith Jackson, Thomas
872O Christ of all the ages, come!Michael Perry 1942-96 Mainzer, Joseph
784O Christ the same, through all our story’s pagesTimothy Dudley-Smith Mawson, Linda
782O Christ, in you my soul has foundAnon. McGranahan, James
573O Christ, the great foundationDaniel T Niles 1908-1970 Jackson, Robert
1092O Christ, you are the builderEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
910O Christ, you wept when grief was rawJohn L Bell and Graham…Miller, Edward
1278O Church arise, and put your armour onStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
47O clap your hands, all nations, cryDavid G Preston Elliott, James William
367O come, all you faithfulJ F Wade (1711-86) Trans.…Wade, John Francis
CP44O come, all you faithfulF Wade; Trans: Frederick…
CP45O come, all you unfaithfulBob Kauflin and Lisa…
346O come, O come, ImmanuelLatin 18th Century Trans.…French Plainsong Melody
CP46O come, O come, ImmanuelLATIN 18th Century Trans.…
827O come, our all-victorious LordCharles Wesley 1707-88 Scottish Psalter (1615)
250O Father, you are sovereignMargaret Clarkson 1915…Jackson, Robert
811O for a closer walk with GodWilliam Cowper 1731-1800 Smith, Isaac
812O for a heart to praise my GodCharles Wesley 1707-88 Smith, Isaac
324O for a thousand tongues to singCharles Wesley 1707-88 Jarman, Thomas
187O God beyond all praisingMichael Perry (1942-96) Holst, Gustavus Theodore…
873O God of Bethel, by whose handPhilip Doddridge 1702-51 Haydn, Johann Michael
1198O God of grace and mercyPeter Ninnis Holst, Gustavus Theodore…
952O God of love, O King of peaceHenry W Baker 1821-77 Mason, Timothy Battle
1099O God of our humanityGraham Oakes Holst, Gustavus Theodore…
1077O God of our salvationTimothy Dudley-Smith Lee, David
558O God who shaped the starry skiesTimothy Dudley Smith Isaac or Isaak, Heinrich
83O God, do not keep silentChristopher Idle Praetorius, Michael
57O God, from whom all mercy springsDavid G Preston Preston, David George
61O God, hear me calling and answer, I pray!Paul Wigmore Warren, Norman Leonard
16O God, my refuge, keep me safeDavid G Preston Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
79O God, the heathen have attackedChristopher Idle Monk, William Henry
75O God, we thank you that your namev1, 2 & 4 Michael…Edwards, Hywel Islwyn
924O God, whose all-sustaining handTimothy Dudley-Smith Stainer, John
74O God, why have you cast us off for everDavid G Preston Crothers, John
934O God, your life-creating loveAlbert F Bayly 1901-84…Williams, Ralph Vaughan
655O God, your mercy, moved by loveJ Alec Motyer Mawson, Linda
1187O great God of highest heavenBob Kauflin Kauflin, Bob
721O happy day, that fixed my choicePhilip Doddridge 1702-51 Freylinghausen’s…
4O hear my cry, my righteous GodSing Psalms 1997 Hurst, William
718O hidden source of calm reposeCharles Wesley 1707-88 Newman, Richard Stinson
522O Holy Spirit, by whose breathJohn W Grant Based on…Macwilliam, Margaret
188O holy, holy LordPeter Ninnis Ninnis, Peter James
1264O how good it isStuart Townend, Keith…Stuart Townend, Keith…
749O how the grace of GodE T Sibomana c.…Barff, Frederick John
861O I have heard the Gospel toldHilary Jolly Würtemburg Gesangbuch…
817O Jesus Christ, within me growJohann C Lavater…Barnby, Joseph
828O Jesus, full of truth and graceCharles Wesley 1707-88 Barnby, Joseph
901O Jesus, I have promisedJohn E Bode 1816-74 Elliott, James William
337O Jesus, King most wonderfulLatin 12th Century Trans.…Slater, Gordon Archbold
1260O Jesus, light of lifeColin Goldsworthy John L Bell & Graham…
368O little town of BethlehemPhillips Brooks 1835-93 English Traditional…
CP48O little town of BethlehemPHILLIPS BROOKS…
190O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonderTranslated from the…Swedish folk melody
28O Lord my rock, to you I cry aloudChristopher Idle Purday, Charles Henry
210O Lord of heaven and earth and seaChristopher Wordsworth…Dykes, John Bacchus
84O Lord of hosts, how lovely is your dwelling-place!David G Preston Irish melody
192O Lord our God, how majestic is your namePhil Lawson Johnston Johnston, Phil Lawson
90O Lord our God, in every ageDavid G Preston Ferguson, William Harold
5O Lord, at early morning hearIsaac Watts (1674-1748) Jones, William
6O Lord, do not rebuke meDavid G Preston Irish Folk Melody
3O Lord, how many enemiesMollie Knight (1917-93) Handel, George Frideric
1049O Lord, my heart is heavyAlison Jenner Mawson, Linda
1276O Lord, my Rock and my RedeemerNathan Stiff Stiff, Nathan
94O Lord, O Judge of all the earthThe Psalter 1912, ALT Macdonald, Donald M
611O Lord, our guardian and our guideIsaac Williams 1802-65 Simpson, Robert
953O Lord, the clouds are gatheringGraham Kendrick Kendrick, Graham Andrew
88O Lord, the God who saves meMichael Perry 1942-96 Jeboult, Harold Arthur
862O Lord, who came from realms aboveCharles Wesley 1707-88 Stanley, Samuel
145AO Lord! My God and KingDavid G Preston Anonymous
438O love divine! What have you done?Charles Wesley 1707-88 Barnby, Joseph
271O love of God, how strong and trueHoratius Bonar 1808-89 Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
737O matchless beauty of our GodAugustine of Hippo…Slater, Gordon Archbold
58O mighty rulers, can you claimBert Polman, alt. Gay, Annabeth McClelland
30CO my Lord, I will exalt youEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
708O my Saviour, liftedWilliam W How 1823-97 Matthews, Timothy Richard
1280O my soul, arise and bless your MakerStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
49O people, listen—hear God’s wisdom crying!Michael Perry (1942-96) Warren, Norman Leonard
435O perfect life of love!Henry W Baker 1821-77 Jackson, Robert
149O praise our mighty LordPeter Ninnis Parry, Joseph
1003O praise the LordChristopher Idle Mawson, Linda
147O praise the Lord! Sing praises!The Psalter Hymnal…Bancroft, Henry Hugh
113O praise, you servants of the LordSing Psalms 1997 Dale, Benjamin James
670O precious words that Jesus saidFrances J Van Alstyne…Anonymous
439O sacred head once woundedPaulus Gerhardt 1607-76,…Hassler, Hans Johann Leo
656O sacrifice of CalvaryMichael Saward Walter, W J
887O safe to the rock that is higher than IWillliam O Cushing…Mawson, Linda
96aO sing a new songDavid G Preston King, Grace
96O sing a new songDavid G Preston Preston, David George
544O Spirit of the living GodJames Montgomery…Boyd’s Psalm and…
941O splendour of God’s glory brightAmbrose 339-97 Trans. in…Bury, William
813O sweetest love, O love divineCharles Wesley 1707-88 Jude, William Herbert
440O teach me, Lord, its meaningLucy A Bennett 1850-1927 Mawson, Linda
279O thank the Lord, O thank the LordAnon. Scripture Union
560O that the Lord would guide my waysIsaac Watts 1674-1748 Praxis Pietatis Melica…
325O the deep, deep love of JesusSamuel T Francis…Williams, Thomas John
441O the love that drew salvation’s planWilliam R Newell Anonymous
162O Trinity, O Trinity, the uncreated oneMichael Saward Coates, Kenneth Will
663O walk with Jesus! You will knowE Paxton Hood 1820-85 Gladstone, William Henry
369O what a mystery I seeGraham Kendrick Kendrick, Graham Andrew
1055O what gloryHugh J Thomson Thomson, Hugh J
272O what matchless condescensionWilliam Gadsby 1773-1844 Jude, William Herbert
1008O what richesColin Goldsworthy Ellmore, Jackie
104O worship the KingRobert Grant 1779-1838 Croft, William
194O worship the Lord in the beauty of holinessJ S B Monsell (1811-75) Rheinhardt Ms, Uttingen…
1303O, the mercy of GodGeoff Bullock Bullock, Geoff
1188O, to see the dawnStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
738Object of my first desireAugustus M Toplady…Richards, John…
101Of loyal love and justiceDavid G Preston Mawson, Linda
371Of the Father’s heart begottenAurelius Prudentius…Piae Cantiones (1582)
CP49Of the Father’s heart begottenJohn Mason Neale, Henry…
CP50On Christmas dayMatt Osgood/Resound…
CP51On Christmas night all Christians sing
348On Jordan’s bank the baptist’s cryJohn Chandler 1806-76,…Havergal, William Henry
1124On the cross he took what I deservedMartin Leckebusch Berry, Gillian Patricia
1262On the cross, on the crossGeoff Baker Baker, Geoff
534On this assembled hostJames Montgomery…Mawson, Linda
372Once in royal David’s cityCecil Frances Alexander…Gauntlett, Henry John
CP52Once in royal David’s cityCecil Frances Alexander
1220One day we’ll hear the trumpet soundJulia C Grier Geistliche Kirchengesang
574One holy Apostolic churchJames Seddon 1915-83 Ferguson, William Harold
326One there is above all othersJohn Newton 1725-1807 Gounod, Charles-François
694One thing I knowMichael Perry 1942-96 Rolinson, Christopher…
719One with Jesus, loved and cherishedJim Sayers Elgar, Edward William
785Only by grace can we enterGerrit Gustafson Gustafson, Gerrit
1225Only by the grace of JesusSusie Hare Hare, Susie
575Onward! Christian SoldiersS Baring-Gould 1834-1924 Sullivan, Arthur Seymour
933Our children, Lord, in faith and prayerVerses 1-2, 4 Thomas…Courteville, Raphael (or…
786Our confidence is in the LordNoel Richards Tricia…Noel and Tricia Richards
559Our Father God, your name we praiseLeonardt Clock written…Bohemian Brethren,…
1248Our Father in heavenSheila Wilson Wilson, Sheila
1070Our Father, who art in heavenThe Lord’s Prayer Mawson, Linda
1004Our God is greatStephen Crowter Hutcheson, Charles
5007Our God is king over all the worldLinda Mawson
888Our God stands like a fortress rockMartin Luther…Luther, Martin
260Our God, our help in ages pastIsaac Watts 1674-1748 Croft, William
945Our God, supreme and goodChristopher Idle Deale, Edgar Martin
526Our great Redeemer, as he breathedHarriet Auber 1773-1862 Dykes, John Bacchus
1053Our refuge and our strength is GodEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
1159Our Teacher and Master, Redeemer and LordChristopher Idle Welsh Traditional Melody
1151Our view across the miles gone byChristopher Idle Parry, Charles Hubert…
1106Out from the gates of Celestial cityHarold Heath and Chris…Gaskell, Chris
1120Out of the darkness of the nightSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1304Out of the depths I cry to youJordan Kauflin, Keith…Jordan Kauflin, Keith…
1063Out on the hillsEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
CP53Over two thousand years agoMark and Helen Johnson