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NumberNo Name Author Composer
124Had not the Lord, let Israel sayIsaac Watts 1674-1748 Lloyd, John Ambrose
484Hail to the Lord’s anointedJames Montgomery…Crüger, Johann
483Hail, O once rejected JesusJohn Bakewell 1721-1819…Prichard, Rowland Hugh
180Hallelujah, for the Lord our GodDale Garratt Garrett, Dale
1108Hallelujah, hallelujah!Emma Turl Mawson, Linda
117Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Psalter 1887, ALT Old Dutch melody
297Hallelujah! Raise the anthemJob Hupton (1762-1849)…Neander, Joachim
461Hallelujah! The King is risenBrian Mayhew Mayhew, Brian John
32Happy are those, beyond all measure blessedTimothy Dudley-Smith Preston, David George
928Happy the home that welcomes you, Lord JesusHonor M Thwaites 1914-93…Dykes, John Bacchus
1Happy the people who refuseDavid G Preston Barnard, John
345Hark, the glad sound! The Saviour comesPhilip Doddridge 1702-51 Ravenscroft’s…
347Hark! A trumpet-call is soundingLatin 6th Century Trans.…Monk, William Henry
359Hark! The herald angels singCharles Wesley 1707-88…Mendelssohn-Bartholdy,…
CP20Hark! The herald angels singCharles Wesley and…
507Hark! The song of jubileeJames Montgomery…Gilbert, Walter (William)…
419Hark! The voice of love and mercyJonathan Evans 1748-1809 Musical and Poetic…
758Have faith in God, my heartBryn A Rees 1911-83 Sullivan, Arthur Seymour
1069Have mercy, O my GodEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
1259Have you believed the message received?Mark Peterson Peterson, Mark
664Have you heard the voice of JesusW Vernon Higham Lowry, Robert
1165Have you not heard?Geoff Taylor Taylor, Geoff
1243Have you not planted in the human spiritMartin Leckebusch Mawson, Linda
1185He came to earthJohn Pantry Pantry, John
647He gave his life in selfless loveChris Porteous Maries, Andrew
896He gives us more grace when the burdens grow greaterAnnie J Flint 1866-1932 Marshall, Jane
485He is exaltedTwila Paris Paris, Twila
487He is Lord, he is LordMarvin Frey Anonymous
394He left his home of perfect lightStephen Crowter Ninnis, Peter James
1132He lives in us, the Christ of GodMichael Perry (1942…Williams, Ralph Vaughan
777He rescued me from the darkest nightGeoff Baker Baker, Geoff
454He rose triumphantlyOswald J Smith / B D…Oswald J Smith and BD…
1179He said, he came to seek the lostChristopher idle Maries, Andrew
1178He said, the Spirit of the LordChristopher Idle Miles, Gary Lewis
420He stood before the courtChristopher Idle Calkin, John Baptiste
397He walked where I walkGraham Kendrick Kendrick, Graham Andrew
497He walks among the golden lampsTimothy Dudley-Smith Tredinnick, Noël Harwood
422He was pierced for our transgressionsMaggi Dawn Dawn, Maggi Eleanor
884He who would valiant bePercy Dearmer 1867-1936…Williams, Ralph Vaughan
571Head of your church triumphantCharles Wesley 1707-88 Moss, Edwin
680Heal us, Immanuel, hear our prayerWilliam Cowper 1731-1800 Badrick, Albert E
143Hear me, O Lord, in my distressDavid G Preston Finlay, Kenneth George
1272Hear the call of the KingdomKeith Getty, Kristyn…Keith and Kristyn Getty…
967Hear the church triumphant singingJohn Kent 1766-1843 Southgate, Thomas Bishop
CP21Hear the songs of angels riseSam Brewster and Thomas…
CP22Heaven must singJames Young
1086Heaven must singJames Young Wainwright, John
488Heavenly hosts in ceaseless worshipTimothy Dudley-Smith Smart, Henry Thomas
69BHelp me, O God, and hear my cryTimothy Dudley-Smith Ley, Henry George
12Help us, O Lord, the righteous all have vanishedAndrew King Parry, Charles Hubert…
554Help us, O Lord, to learnWilliam Watkins Reid Jr King A
424Here is love, vast as the oceanWilliam Rees…Lowry, Robert
238Here on the threshold of a new beginningTimothy Dudley-Smith Baughen, Michael Alfred
648Here, O my Lord, may I behold your faceHoriatus Bonar 1808-89 Pope, George Alexander
1295High in the heavens, exaltedJudy Gresham
423Higher than the hillsNorman J Clayton 1903-92 Clayton, Norman John
1290Highest heights or deepest deepJosh Caterer Caterer, Josh
425His hands were pierced, the hands that madeD Wood Allen, Cecil John
360Holy child, how still you lieTimothy Dudley-Smith Composer unknown
1258Holy Father, rich in mercyColin Webster and Phil…Colin Webster and Phil…
1208Holy God, I cry for mercyMartin E Leckebusch Barham-Gould, Arthur…
1270Holy Spirit, living breath of GodKeith Getty and Stuart…Keith Getty and Stuart…
604Holy Spirit, will you beMartin E Leckebusch Smart, Henry Thomas
175Holy, holy, holy is the LordAnon. Anonymous
159Holy, holy, holy, Lord God AlmightyReginald Heber…Dykes, John Bacchus
181Holy, holy, Lord God AlmightyRichard Lewis Lewis, Richard
5014Hosanna to the Son of DavidWords: From the Bible,…
298Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highestCarl Tuttle Tuttle, Carl
633How beautiful their feetIsaac Watts 1674-1748 Howarth, Wright
840How blessed is life if lived for youPrust’s…Hill, Clement
906How blest are they who trust in ChristFred Pratt Green Scheffler’s Heilige…
974How bright these glorious spirits shineIsaac Watts 1674-1748 and…Thalben-Ball, George…
1032How can I tell you, my Lord?Lynda Masson Masson, Lynda
1319How can it be? The one who diedKEITH & KRISTYN…Getty, Keith
119CHow can the way of youth be pureThe Psalter 1912, ALT Lowndes, C M M
426How deep the Father’s love for usStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
84AHow delightful is your dwellingEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
877How firm a foundation, you saints of the Lord‘K’ in…Magdalen Hospital Hymns…
133AHow good a thing it isJames Seddon 1915-83 Parry, Joseph
788How good is the God we adoreJoseph Hart 1712-68 Lancashire Sunday School…
391How good, Lord, to be here!J Armitage Robinson…Walter, William Henry
398How humble Moses was, who metPhil Heaps. ALT Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
1326How I Love The Voice Of Jesus – It Was Finished Upon That CrossJONNY ROBINSON, RICH…Jonny Robinson
13How long will you forget me, LordChristopher Idle Scottish Psalter (1615)
958How long, O Lord, have you bestowedJohn Newton 1725-1807 Kitson, Charles Herbert
1059How long, O Lord, will you forgetEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
CP23How low was our Redeemer broughtMatt Boswell, Bob…
122How pleased and blessed was IIsaac Watts 1674-1748 Hoffman &…
841How rich and deep God’s judgements areMartin E Leckebusch Maries, Andrew
247How shall I sing that majestyJohn Mason (1646-94) Naylor, Kenneth Nicholson
624How shall they hear the word of GodMichael Perry 1942-96 Hadley, Patrick Arthur…
CP24How still the starry night aboveLiv Chapman & Sam…
548How sure the scriptures are!Christopher Idle Darwall, John
299How sweet the name of Jesus soundsJohn Newton (1725-1807) Bowater, Chris
856How urgent is the summonsMartin E Leckebusch Martin, George Clement
711How vast the benefits divineAugustus M Toplady…Haydn, Franz Joseph
605How weak my spirit is, O LordPaul Sayer Dykes, John Bacchus
109How wickedly they spread their liesChristopher Idle Hughes, Arwel
307How wonderful the works of GodJoseph Hart 1712-68 Maunder, John Henry