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NumberNo Name Author Composer
588Singing songs of expectationS Baring-Gould…Shaw, Martin Edward…
575Onward! Christian SoldiersS Baring-Gould 1834-1924 Sullivan, Arthur Seymour
839God be in my headSalisbury Book of Hours…Davies, Henry Walford
CP21Hear the songs of angels riseSam Brewster and Thomas…
1044Two sins have we committedSam Chaplin Chaplin, Sam
403My song is love unknownSamuel Crossman 1624-83 Ireland, John Nicholson
970Jerusalem on highSamuel Crossman 1624-83 Dykes, John Bacchus
246Great God of wonders, all your waysSamuel Davies (1723-61) Edwards, Thomas David
577The church’s one foundationSamuel J Stone 1839-1900 Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
259God shall alone the refuge beSamuel Medley 1738-99 Ouseley, Frederick Arthur…
687Assist me here, my God and KingSamuel Medley 1738-99 Buck, Percy Carter
462I know that my Redeemer livesSamuel Medley 1738-99 Elliott, James William
325O the deep, deep love of JesusSamuel T Francis…Williams, Thomas John
780Behold the amazing gift of loveScottish Paraphrases…Jones, William
1248Our Father in heavenSheila Wilson Wilson, Sheila
1061When worries blur our visionSiân Cook Cook, Siân
1072Called and named before your birthSimon Pedley Pedley, Simon
1074What can compare to this?Simon Sadler Berry, Gillian Patricia
1075Now to him who is ableSimon Sadler Berry, Gillian Patricia
1199Can a sinner like me standSimon Sadler Lee, David
5022As far as east is from the westSimone Richardson Percival, Philip
129They have oppressed me from my youthSing Psalms 1997 Clark, Jeremiah
113O praise, you servants of the LordSing Psalms 1997 Dale, Benjamin James
4O hear my cry, my righteous GodSing Psalms 1997 Hurst, William
8In all the earth, O Lord, our LordSing Psalms 1997 Clarke, Jeremiah
112Praise God! The man is blessed who fears the LordSing Psalms 1997 Macmillan, Alan
119ERemember what you said to me your servantSing Psalms 1997 Macdonald, Donald M
1037The Spirit brings to us the scent of heavenStanley Ablewhite Ablewhite Stanley
1065Easter GardenStanley Ablewhite Ablewhite Stanley
1083It was the winter wildStanley Ablewhite Ablewhite Stanley
712Come, see, the winter is pastStephanie Monaghan Monaghan, Stephanie
740Why did you choose me-what have I doneStephanie Monaghan Monaghan, Stephanie
394He left his home of perfect lightStephen Crowter Ninnis, Peter James
561Sometimes my eyes are blindStephen Crowter Matthews, Timothy Richard
5013God said to NoahStephen Crowter
1004Our God is greatStephen Crowter Hutcheson, Charles
1030Jesus is KingStephen Crowter Warren, Norman Leonard
1035When clouds block out the way to GodStephen Crowter Herrington, C Paul
1056God gave his sonStephen Crowter Mawson, Linda
1095To you, my God, all praise is dueStephen Crowter Lee, David
689Good news is here: Let lameness turn to leapingStephen Orchard Norton, Christopher
1169To walk with Jesus in this worldStephen Ridgeway Traditional Irish Melody
1175In the darkness of the valleyStephen Ridgeway Bentall, Owen R
14The fool whose heart declares in prideStephen Wilcockson Wilson, Hugh
1250I will glory in my RedeemerSteve & Vikki Cook Steve and Vicki Cook
1282I have a shelter in the stormSteve Cook, Vikki Cook…Steve Cook, Vikki Cook…
179Great is the Lord and most worthy of praiseSteve McEwan McEwan, Steve
301I greet my sure Redeemer and my KingStrasbourg Psalter…Bourgeois Louis
212Sing to the Lord with all of your heartStuart Garrard Garrard, Stuart
426How deep the Father’s love for usStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
427I will sing of the lambStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
724All my days I will sing this song of gladnessStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
1255With a prayer you fed the hungryStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
1277You are my anchorStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
1279From the squalor of a borrowed stableStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
1280O my soul, arise and bless your MakerStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
1189The Lord’s my ShepherdStuart Townend Townend, Stuart
CP13From the squalor of a borrowed stableStuart Townend
1253Loved before the dawn of timeStuart Townend and Andrew…Stuart Townend and Andrew…
1145May the peace of God our Heavenly FatherStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1146My heart is filled with thankfulnessStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1153From the breaking of the dawnStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1188O, to see the dawnStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1228You’re the word of God the FatherStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1231King of the Ages, Almighty GodStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1232In Christ aloneStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1278O Church arise, and put your armour onStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1157Jesus is Lord – the cry that echoesStuart Townend and Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1230There is a hope that burns within my heartStuart Townend and Mark…Stuart Townend and Mark…
1154Still, my soul, be stillStuart Townend, Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1156There is an everlasting kindnessStuart Townend, Keith…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1265For the cause of Christ the KingStuart Townend, Keith…Stuart Townend, Keith…
1264O how good it isStuart Townend, Keith…Stuart Townend, Keith…
1152Come, people of the risen KingStuart Townend, Keith and…Stuart Townend and Keith…
1026The only power that cleanses meSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1027Who, for my sakeSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1036Who has planned the journey?Susie Hare Hare, Susie
1046Lord, your love will always find meSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1068See the cross of CalvarySusie Hare Hare, Susie
1078Every land in all creationSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1079From the heights of glorySusie Hare Hare, Susie
1117I live, dependent on JesusSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1120Out of the darkness of the nightSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1121Mighty, magnificent GodSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1128No greater love was ever shownSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1129I lift my eyes to the hillsSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1224There is a song within my heartSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1225Only by the grace of JesusSusie Hare Hare, Susie
1060I stand on a rockSusie Hare Hare, Susie
CP12From the heights of glory to a humble birthSusie Hare
679Lord Jesus, think on meSynesius of Cyrene…Griffith, M C