Web-site upgrade – 29/07/2021

July 29, 2021

Sunday 25 July was a significant moment for so many churches in England – at last we are allowed to sing together! (Churches in Wales and Scotland have been slightly ahead of England.) After over a year relying on videos or listening to a small group of singers at the front, we can now rediscover the joys of singing together in church.
Throughout lockdown, we have continued our work as a Trust and a significant number of new hymns and songs have been published here on our website, with many more in the editorial pipeline. At the same time, as you can see, we have been working on an upgrade to this website, which is now live. We want to serve churches better as singing and church music resumes. Please allow me to explain some of the changes.
The home page gives you a much better idea of what is on offer. For the first time all lyrics are in front of the paywall. This is an enormous help to those choosing hymns and songs for church or copying and pasting into PowerPoint who may not have a subscription.
The search engine has been revamped, because it used to be very inexact (for which we apologise). It should now take you straight to the hymn or song you type in. You can search simply by entering one word or entering a whole line, as well as searching alphabetically by song, by author or composer, by tune or metre, and by Scripture or theme.
We have also introduced a new ‘favourites’ function, so if you are doing a ministry series, you can devise your own playlist of songs and hymns and find them on your favourites tab.
Our annual subscription remains £10, and this continues to give unlimited access to our collection of over 1300 items, both contemporary songs and classic hymns, with traditional language revised, as well as a full collection of psalms and a set of children’s songs. We have made the ‘My account’ menu a little more functional, so that you can review all aspects of your account, amend payment details, contact details, etc.
While you can download all music as a full piano score, some items also have instrumental arrangements, and in recent months new items added also have lead sheets. Please note that subscribing to our website does not cover the copyright issues involved. You will still need a CCLI church copyright licence or music reproduction licence if you are using our resources in your church or other event.
We continue to develop our work and are looking to grow our team of volunteers. At present we are looking for more music arrangers and composers, as well as those who can help with advertising and social media. Do get in touch if you are interested to know more.
Finally, our remaining stock of the Praise! Music edition has been marked down from £28 to £17.99 with 10ofthose.com, as we are keen to sell off the remaining stock. Once this stock is gone, we have no plans to reprint, so if you want to buy a replacement copy for the tattered and well-loved volume you bought in 2000, now is the time to do so.