Important information regarding copyright, Covid-19 and music streaming 25/04/2020

March 25, 2020

Praise Trust exists to help churches to glorify God in what we sing. Because the Covid19 restrictions now prevent any churches from meeting together, many churches are choosing to stream their services online, including words and music that are copyright. How can this be done legally within copyright law?

This is our official position until you hear otherwise:

CCLI have launched a streaming licence which covers our material (more information
at If for any reason you are not able to get that licence in time to cover services cancelled because of coronavirus, you have our permission to stream any work that is ‘©Praise Trust’. That is, the copyright belongs exclusively to Praise Trust.

Please remember to report any usage through CCLI as usual.

It is also worth looking at this blog post by Matt Dennis of Music Ministry which covers this issue in detail and adds some helpful practical advice.

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