Free carol of the month

November 18, 2023

We are keen to encourage people to explore our new carol collection, Christmas Praise! As part of our promotion, we are making piano scores of three carols available here in the run up to Christmas as our ‘Free carol of the month.’

These three pieces are exclusive to the Christmas Praise! book, each will be available free for a month only on the website to give you a flavour of what you can find in the book. Why not share the link with a friend who might be interested in running a carol service at their church?

The second of these is the full piano score of a new tune for ‘Come O long expected Jesus’. The famous words of the Charles Wesley original are preserved, but as two double verses, with a new verse 3 added by Mark Hunt, and a chorus shaped from the first verse. The new tune is altogether new and refreshing. Where Stuttgart was a 17th century German tune, with a simple, plain rhythm (still available as 344 in our collection), the new tune, ‘Joy of every longing heart’ gives this advent hymn a new vigour that is really striking. Bethany Fehr composed the tune. Bethany is a Canadian composer and writer, and part of the Fehr family band, a musically talented family, based west of Edmonton, Alberta. They describe their style as a mix of bluegrass, southern gospel and old-fashioned hymns. Try this version with a singing group for your carol service.

We are making the piano score available for four weeks for free here on our website. Just a reminder that all piano scores for Christmas praise! are published in the book, but not on our website


Download your free piano score here:

Come O long expected Jesus



This link expires on Monday 11 December, when it will be replaced by our new carol of the month, and a third will be posted on Monday 11 December.

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