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NumberNo Name Author Composer
107Give thanks to God, for he is good, his love will never endEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
108My heart is ready, O my GodChristopher Idle Williams, Derek
109How wickedly they spread their liesChristopher Idle Hughes, Arwel
110The Lord said to my Lord, ‘sit here’Emma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
111Give to the Lord wholehearted praiseThe Psalter 1912, ALT Willing, Christopher…
112Praise God! The man is blessed who fears the LordSing Psalms 1997 Macmillan, Alan
113O praise, you servants of the LordSing Psalms 1997 Dale, Benjamin James
114When Israel fled from EgyptChristopher Idle Preston, David George
115Not to us be glory givenTimothy Dudley-Smith Smart, Henry Thomas
116I love my Lord because he heard my voiceJonathan M Barnes Wilson, David Gordon
117Hallelujah! Hallelujah!Psalter 1887, ALT Old Dutch melody
118Give thanks to God, for he is good, the everlasting GiverChristopher Idle Bizet, Georges Alexandre…
119AAll your commandments Father AlmightyChristopher Idle Warren, Norman Leonard
119BWith all my heart I seekDavid Mowbray Taylor, Cyril Vincent
119CHow can the way of youth be pureThe Psalter 1912, ALT Lowndes, C M M
119DLord, I delight to recall your commandmentsMichael Saward Bach, Johann Sebastian
119ERemember what you said to me your servantSing Psalms 1997 Macdonald, Donald M
119FTeach me, O Lord, your way of truthThe Psalter 1912, ALT Webbe, Samuel W
119GYour word’s a lamp to guide my footstepsEmma Turl Berry, Gillian Patricia
119HThe will of God to mark my wayTimothy Dudley-Smith Worton-Steward, Andrew