Watson, Philip Begbie


b Cardiff, S Wales 1936. Univ of Wales, Cardiff (BA, ARCM Diploma). For many years he taught music in a variety of secondary schools, including the post of Director of Music Studies at Queen’s Comprehensive Sch in Newport, Gwent, until 1991. He has also been involved in other piano teaching, accompaniment and performance. For some years he has served as an Elder and the chief Organist of Emmanuel Evangelical Ch in Newport, where he still lives, and he has accompanied several Christian conferences. Cliff Knight records in his A Companion to Christian Hymns (1994) that he played a major part in the compilation of CH, which now applies also to its current edn. Of about 20 hymn compositions, the 2004 edn includes 6 of his tunes, 11 arrangements and one adaptation. Some of these are repeated from the 1st edn and some feature more than once. No.442*.

Tunes and arrangements by Watson, Philip Begbie

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