Towner, Daniel Brink


b Rome, Pennsylvania, USA 1850, d Longwood, Missouri, USA 1919. His father Prof J G Towner provided his early musical education. He became music director at Methodist Episcopal churches in New York, Ohio and Kentucky, and shared from 1885 in D L Moody’s evangelistic ministry. In 1893 he took the post of Director of the Moody Bible Institute’s Music Dept where he remained for the rest of his life. More than 2000 gospel songs are credited to him, and he compiled 14 collections of hymns and songs. He also wrote on music theory and practice and had an extensive influence on N American evangelical church music. He died suddenly while leading the music at a gospel meeting at Longwood. No.853.

Tunes and arrangements by Towner, Daniel Brink

Tune Name
Trust and Obey