Richards, Tricia

Author & Composer

b Plymouth, Devon, 1960. School in Plymouth; she met Noel, her future husband and songwriting partner, in 1975 while she was a senior schoolgirl and he was a visiting missioner with Youth for Christ. They married in 1978 and lived in Plymouth till 1980, when they joined a group of some 50 church members who moved to join a fellowship at Cobham, Surrey, later known as the Pioneer People. Among the Richards’ joint compositions, in addition to those in Praise!, is ‘Oh, let your love come down’; the Spring Harvest books have others. Nos.477, 626, 786.

Hymns and songs by Richards, Tricia

Number Hymn Name
477 All heaven declares

Tunes and arrangements by Richards, Tricia

Tune Name
All heaven declares