Nyberg, Anders


b Sweden 1955 (not in Praise! index). A Swedish choral conductor, arranger and publisher whose name is not included in Praise!, though he is credited with collecting and translating stz 1 of 891. He studied choral conducting at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, but counts the chief influences on his work to be the folk musicians of his home village of Malung (in Dalama, Sweden) and in S Africa—the twin musical poles of his life, since he married the S African singer, writer and former MP Jennifer Ferguson. Their homes are in Dala-Floda (Dalama), and Johannesburg. He went to S Africa first in 1978 as leader of the song-group Fjedur, returning to work in the 1980s with choral music in the township of Gugulethu nr Cape Town. Later he toured Cuba and Central America with the group Gondwana, and has now led workshops and seminars in 20 countries and 5 continents, writing over 100 choral compositions including some film music. Most famously he was involved with the 1984 translated collection of S African songs published in Sweden, Freedom is Coming, which with his other work did much to support the anti-apartheid movement. His current ministry is with ‘Peace of Music’, set up in Sweden in 2000 as an international venture for music education. See notes to No.891.