Moore’s (The) Psalm-Singer’s Pocket Companion


c1756. A Scottish collection, the title of which continues, ‘…containing great variety of the best English Psalm-tunes, suited to the different metres in the Scotch version of the Psalms of David, set in three and four parts; likewise all the Tunes that are usually sung in most parts of Scotland; with a plain and easy introduction to Musick’. Thos Moore (c1710–c1792) taught in Manchester; moved north to be Precentor of Blackfriars Parish Ch (Ch of Scotland), Glasgow, and a music teacher in the city. He remained there for the rest of his life, publishing and selling books including 4 ‘Companions’ with delightful titles including this 1756 collection and (5 years later) The Psalm-Singer’s Delightful Pocket-Companion, Containing a Plain and Easy Introduction to Psalmody, and an Introduction explaining more at large the grounds of musick in general. Illustrated with a great variety of Tables, Scales and Initial Lessons. No.564.

Tunes and arrangements by Moore’s (The) Psalm-Singer’s Pocket Companion

Tune Name