Knapp, William


b Wareham, Dorset 1698 or 1689; d Poole, Dorset 1768. Possibly organist of a church in his home town; but a devastating fire in 1762 destroyed all the parish records. He worked as a glove-maker, and for 39 years was Parish Clerk of St James’ Ch Poole. Known as ‘a country Psalm-singer’, he trained several church choirs in Dorset and published 2 tune collections: A Sett of Psalm-Tunes and Anthems (8 edns between 1738 and 1770) and New Church Melody (5 edns between 1751 and 1764). Lighter verses have survived, either satirising or celebrating his reputation. No.609.

Tunes and arrangements by Knapp, William

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