Iona Community


The present community, based on the Inner Hebridean island where Columba (qv) landed in 563 and which has had a mixed history ever since, was founded in 1938 by George MacLeod, a Ch of Scotland minister (1895–1980). The rebuilding of the ancient Benedictine Abbey came to symbolise a recovery of faith in the incarnate Lord who cares for marginalised people and the society to which all equally belong. Community members divide their time between training on Iona and ministry in Scotland’s industrial areas and abroad. They have built up a distinct tradition in words and music, sometimes overtly political, which now influences many others and has entered (e.g.) mainstream hymnbooks of many kinds. Special concerns include prayer, healing, justice and peace. See also J Bell and G Maule. Nos.450*, 576*.

Tunes and arrangements by Iona Community

Tune Name
A Rosebud