Garrett, Dale


b New Zealand 1939. As a girl she encountered Christian teaching which challenged her way of life, but as a teenager she showed some early rebellion which was later replaced by growing commitment. A songwriter from the late 1960s onwards, she worked with her husband Dave, whom she met through ‘Youth for Christ’, on composing and recording Scripture in Song (1968), followed by several more albums and songbooks. Their work reached Britain largely through the annual ‘Spring Harvest’ holiday gatherings for teaching, training and fellowship. She says ‘Neither of us were musicians; we were congregational singers rather than performers…A song is a tremendous way of communicating and of learning God’s word’. She sees herself as having a prophetic ministry, and has spent time on many travels with both Dave and Brent Chambers as ‘worship leaders’; she is not to be confused with the (male) American Bible commentator of the same name. No.180.

Hymns and songs by Garrett, Dale

Number Hymn Name
180 Hallelujah, for the Lord our God

Tunes and arrangements by Garrett, Dale

Tune Name
Hallelujah for the Lord our God