Caldbeck, George Thomas


b Waterford, Co Waterford, Southern Ireland 1852, d Epsom, Surrey 1918. The National Model Sch, Waterford and Islington Coll, London. Health problems frustrated his original hope to become an overseas missionary, so he returned to Ireland and for a time began teaching in Cork. In 1888 he went back to London, aiming to be accepted for church ministry; since no existing body would recognise what he clearly felt was his calling, he began an itinerant work, earning a modest living by selling tracts from door to door. Once in 1912, while living at a lodging-house near the Edgware Rd, he was charged with some offence during these travels and visits; when the magistrate discovered that the defendant before him was the composer of the hymn tune (melody) for which he is now remembered, he dismissed the case. A contemporary press report described his appearance and demeanour as ‘gentlemanly, scholarly, and indigent’. No.797(i).

Tunes and arrangements by Caldbeck, George Thomas

Tune Name
Pax Tecum