Boberg, Carl Gustaf


(not in Praise! index), b Monsteras, SE Sweden 1859 (or 1856), d Kasimar, Sweden 1940 He grew up in his coastal birthplace, became a sailor, and was converted at 19. He attended the Bible school at Kristinehamn a little further north, and returned to preach in his home town. As a minister of the church he became one of the evangelical leaders of his generation. He edited the weekly journal Sanningsvittnet (‘Witness to the Truth’) from 1890 to 1916, and served in the upper house of Parliament for 13 years. As well as publishing several books of verse and many hymns, he served on the groups compiling the first 2 hymnals of the Swedish Covenant. He is the originator of the hymn for which he became known worldwide but posthumously, having written ‘O store Gud’ (which became ‘O Lord my God/How great thou art’) to a Swedish folk melody. For fuller details see the notes to his one text, which in the 1950s was often voted N America’s favourite hymn. No.190.