Your praises, Lord, with all my heart

Your praises, Lord, with all my heart,
your glory I will sing,
and tell of all your wondrous works
with joy, most mighty King.
You make your enemies turn back,
they stumble and they die,
but you uphold my right and cause,
on you I can rely.

2. The nations suffer your rebuke,
the wicked are destroyed,
their cities have been overthrown,
their memories a void;
yet you, O Lord, are judge indeed,
your justice ever sure,
a rock of strength in time of need;
your kingdom shall endure.

3. The weak find refuge in the Lord,
protection he will give,
and those who know his sacred name
will trust in him and live.
Then sing the praises of the Lord,
his noble acts proclaim,
for he remembers those in want
who call upon his name.

4. Have mercy on me now, O Lord,
let me rejoice to know
you save me from the gates of death
and my pursuing foe;
yet nations plunging headlong down
into their self-made hell
shall be cut off, and never reach
the light in which you dwell.

5. The lowly patience of the poor
will have its own reward,
their enemies be driven back
by you, the sovereign Lord.
Arise, O Lord, abase man’s pride,
make nations bow in fear;
teach them to know their human state
when you, their judge, appear.

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