833. Your mercy flows upon us like a river

Author: Wes Sutton

Your mercy flows upon us like a river.
Your mercy stands unshakable and true.
Most holy God, of all good things the Giver,
we turn and lift our fervent prayer to you.

Hear our cry, (hear our cry)
O Lord, (O Lord)
be merciful (be merciful)
once more; (once more)
let your love (let your love)
your anger stem, (your anger stem)
remember mercy, O Lord, again.

2. Your church once great, though standing clothed in sorrow,
is even still the bride that you adore;
revive your church, that we again may honour
our God and king, our master and our Lord.

3. As we have slept, this nation has been taken
by every sin ever known to man;
so at its gates, though burnt by fire and broken,
in Jesus’ name we come to take our stand.

Scriptures: Habakkuk 3:2, James 1:17, Revelation 21:2, John 13:13, Psalms 46:4, Nehemiah 1:1-11, Ephesians 5:25, Psalms 85:6-7

Copyright: © 1987 Sovereign Lifestyle Music