770. Within the busy rush of life

Author: Martin E Leckebusch

Within the busy rush of life
I find a resting-place:
when I submit to Christ my Lord
and let him set my pace,
he shows the way that I should take
whatever trials I face.

2. Amid the choices I must make
and duties that increase
he comes to calm my anxious thoughts,
to make the turmoil cease;
as in his presence I remain
he guides me into peace.

3. The timeless, all-sufficient God
my every longing knows
and daily he refreshes me
with joy which overflows;
anointed by tranquillity
my strength to serve him grows.

4. My Saviour bids me walk with him
and follow all his ways-
his plan for me is fruitfulness
throughout my earthly days,
since now and evermore I live
beneath his loving gaze.

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