With hearts in love abounding

With hearts in love abounding
we now prepare to sing
a lofty theme, resounding
your praise, almighty King;
whose love, rich gifts bestowing,
has blessed the human race,
whose lips are overflowing
with words of truth and grace.

2. In majesty transcendent,
put on your conquering sword;
in righteousness resplendent,
ride on, incarnate Word.
Ride on, O King Messiah!
to glory and renown;
pierced by your shafts of fire,
each foe be overthrown.

3. So reign, O God, in heaven,
eternally the same,
and endless praise be given
to your almighty name.
Clothed in your dazzling brightness,
your church on earth behold
in robes of purest whiteness,
in garments worked in gold.

4. Let every tribe and nation
come gladly in the throng,
to share her great salvation,
and join her grateful song:
then shall no note of sadness
awake the trembling string;
one song of joy and gladness
the ransomed world shall sing.

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