388. Wise men, they came to look for wisdom

Author: Christopher Idle

Wise men, they came to look for wisdom,
finding one wiser than they knew;
rich men, they met with one yet richer-
King of the kings, they knelt to you:
Jesus, our wisdom from above,
wealth and redemption, life and love.

2. Pilgrims they were, from unknown countries,
searching for one who knows the world;
lost are their names and strange their journeys,
famed is their zeal to find the child.
Jesus, in you the lost are claimed,
aliens are found, and known, and named.

3. Magi, they stooped to see your splendour,
led by a star to light supreme;
promised Messiah, Lord eternal,
glory and peace are in your name:
joy of each day, our song by night,
shine on our path your holy light.

4. Guests of their God, they opened treasures,
incense and gold and solemn myrrh;
welcoming one too young to question
how came these gifts, and what they were.
Gift beyond price of gold or gem,
make among us your Bethlehem.

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Copyright: © Author/Jubilate Hymns