Why do the nations rage and cry

Why do the nations rage and cry,
plotting against the Lord most high?
And why do kings and people scorn
his Christ, forsaken and forlorn?
The Lord in heaven shall laugh aloud
at all the boasting of the proud:
‘I set my Son, whom you condemn,
as King outside Jerusalem.’

2. ‘I will declare the Lord’s decree,
these are the words he spoke to me:
“You are my Son, with me always,
begotten from eternal days;
you shall receive both east and west,
all nations yours at your request;
judge them and rule them with your rod,
and shatter those that fear not God”.’

3. Rulers, be warned, and kings, be wise;
God’s only Son do not despise,
but serve the LORD with humble fear,
rejoice with trembling, and draw near;
adore the Son; his sudden wrath
can soon destroy you in your path;
yet safe are all, beneath his wing,
who hide in Christ our Lord and King.

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