450. When you prayed beneath the trees

Author: Christopher Idle

When you prayed beneath the trees,
it was for me, O Lord;
when you cried upon your knees,
how could it be, O Lord?
When in blood and sweat and tears
you dismissed your final fears,
when you faced the soldiers’ spears,
you stood for me, O Lord.

2. When their triumph looked complete,
it was for me, O Lord;
when it seemed like your defeat,
they could not see, O Lord!
When you faced the mob alone
you were silent as a stone,
and a tree became your throne;
you came for me, O Lord.

3. When you stumbled up the road,
you walked for me, O Lord;
when you took your deadly load
that heavy tree, O Lord;
when they lifted you on high
and they nailed you up to die,
and when darkness filled the sky,
it was for me, O Lord.

4. When you spoke with kingly power,
it was for me, O Lord;
in that dread and destined hour,
you made me free, O Lord;
earth and heaven heard you shout,
death and hell were put to rout,
for the grave could not hold out;
you are for me, O Lord.

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